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Tipster Advertising on TipGin

TipGin is the betting world's fastest growing website and specializes in serving predictions and previews to an English-speaking market. We are dedicated to providing the best service both to our customers and advertising clients, who include the most well-known tipster websites on the internet. We use a cost-per-click (CPC) billing model with prices starting at € 0.03 per click.

Two methods of advertising:

1. Betting Tips Promotion

Our betting tips promotion packages are tailored to tipster websites who want to boost their traffic by promoting their tips to the top of the list in our match listings and search. Your website is indexed and your tip links are placed toward the top of our match lists as shown in Figure (1.a) and promoted in search results as shown in Figure (1.b).

Figure (1.a):

Tipster Advertising on TipGin

Figure (1.b):

Tipster Advertising on TipGin
2. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is available for purchases of 10,000 clicks or more. We have several positioning options available including the Main Leaderboard, Search Section Main, Match List Section and Sidebar Area. We can cater to almost any banner size, the most popular being 468x60, 300x300 and 250x250.

Banner Examples:

Tipster Advertising on TipGin

Tipster Advertising on TipGin

Tipster Advertising on TipGin

Why you should choose TipGin Advertising

  • Get links and exposure from one of the web's authoritative and fastest growing tipster websites
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC) billing ensures you pay only for valid traffic
  • At € 0.03 per click, we offer the best value in the business
  • Advertise directly to your target audience of online bettors
  • Live Chat support is available most hours to assist with your inquiries
  • A private analytics account will be set up for you to track clickthroughs
Purchase Advertising Packages

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many clickthroughs can you serve my website every day?
A: Depending on your purchase package, we can deliver as many as 2,000 clickthroughs per day.

Q: Which countries does your website target?
A: Our website targets English-speaking bettors, mainly between the ages of 20 and 36. Most visitors come from the UK with continental Europe making up the second largest group and finally Asia and the Americas.

Q: Which advertising method should I choose?
A: Purchases of less than 10,000 clickthroughs make your website eligible for option 1. Betting Tips Promotion. Purchases of 10,000 clicks or more are eligible for both options 1. Betting Tips Promotion and 2. Banner Advertising simultaneously.

Q: I just purchased an advertising package, what now?
A: We will email you with login details for your private analytics account to track your clickthrough stats. We request 24 to 48 hours before your campaign goes live.

Any questions regarding advertising direct to

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